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“Awesome Marriage Conference in Ocala this past weekend. Dr. Force was a blessing and the content of his process was phenomenal. My husband and I thoroughly engaged ourselves and enjoyed it together. Definitely worth attending. Thank you Dr. Force and your Team. It was a pleasure meeting you. Blessings to your Ministry.

Kaici, Conference Attendee, Ocala, FL


“I would recommend Dr. Raymond Force with Hitting Home Ministry for a marriage seminar for your church. Our church was helped by his time with us. I appreciated Dr. Force’s biblical, professional, and practical approach. His simple two-step process teaching gives easy to remember homework for those who wish to apply it. His coaching is especially helpful to couples but could be useful in other relationships as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about his time with us.”

Pastor Raymond Wicks
First Baptist Church
Plattsmouth, Nebraska



“We wanted to personally thank you for an outstanding Marriage Seminar (August 2014) that took place here in Flint Michigan, which addressed various concerns and struggles that many of us as participants were experiencing. You were personal, straightforward, humorous and most importantly as believers, you were scriptural. If there was any regret, it would have been that it should have been a two day event. But…we are excited because we have already booked you for 2015 !! Thank you so very much for your professionalism and your God given assignment…to…REVEAL & HEAL MARRIAGES.”Pastor Michael Stone / Power of God Ministries, Flint, Michigan



“The marriage conference led by Dr. Force served not only to ‘initiate’ dialogue on the health of marriage but also gave couples tangible and practical principles to further strengthen their relationships within their union and with the Lord. I found Dr. Force’s approach unique, energetic, and most of all biblically sound. I would highly recommend your church engaging Raymond Force to lead a conference. You and your community will be blessed by his teaching.”Pastor Sammy Clement / Unity Baptist Church, Anthony, FL



“Marriage conference was a huge success, as our couples dealt with the tensions of anger and destruction that are often hidden just beneath the surface. As a result of this weekend, many couples experienced a new level of love and respect for each other. Dr. Force’s message taught us how to graciously deal with anger through kindness and love. It was a great weekend.”Pastor Calvin Corbitt / Hickory Ridge Community Church, Chesapeake, VA



“When searching for a speaker for a marriage conference I look for someone who can share Biblical and practical truth that couples can apply to their marriages. I look for someone who lives the material that is being taught and is willing to be transparent. Dr. Force delivered on all accounts. We also had the privilege to have his wife attend with him. They are the real deal. It was a joy getting to know them.” – Duane and Vivian Sawyer, Marriage Ministries / Grace Fellowship, York, PA



Marriage Conference - Kitty Hawk, NC

Marriage Conference – Kitty Hawk, NC



“Dr. Force’s seminar is a no-nonsense, straight forward approach filled with biblical wisdom and insights into the relational aspects of marriage. He stands upon the Rock , Jesus Christ , while delivering words that heal, words that give life and hope to marriages. We are looking forward to having Dr. Force back next year.”Pastor Mark Sconziano, Connections Pastor / Gateway Christian Fellowship, West Haven, CT



“Dr. Raymond Force recently came to our church for Columbus’ 2012 Singles and Marriage Conference. We had a very diverse turnout and his message permeated the different ages, races and social economic backgrounds. We had couples that rekindled their love for one another and singles who decided to get married the next week. Dr. Force’s message, delivery and humor are unparalleled in his field. If you are planning a marriage or single’s conference I strongly recommend this man!”Pastor Bobbie Mitchell / The Father’s House, Columbus, OH



“Dr. Force provided excellent content which is helpful, practical and well presented. His mixture of biblical content, practical application and occasional humor was well received and appreciated. If you are looking for a partner in Marriage Ministry to your congregation he will be a welcomed friend.” Pastor John Outlaw / Fellowship Baptist Church, Ocala, FL / Central Florida 



I would like to express our joy over the Biblical marriage seminar you conducted at our church. Our church is still talking about it, and I know that it will have lasting effects on our church families. I can’t wait to have you back.” – Pastor / Gateway Baptist Church, Lancaster or South Central, PA



“Brother Raymond is a gifted speaker who presents the truths of God’s Word in a practical manner, but with great energy . . . I look forward to Brother Raymond returning to our church next year.”Pastor / Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Apollo or Central, PA 



“Dr. Raymond Force did an outstanding job ministering to couples and families during a Marriage Retreat Weekend and a Family Emphasis Sunday at The Ohio Valley Christian Center in Wheeling, WV. Dr. Force’s knowledge of the Bible and his relevant presentation of Biblical truth was both inspiring and life-changing for all who attended. I heartily recommend Dr. Force for your next marriage or family emphasis event!”Rev. Michael Amico/The Ohio Valley Christian Center, Wheeling or Northern, WV



“Everyone was grabbing each other out in the hallways after Raymond spoke and talking about what they had learned . . . “Pastor / Grace Baptist Church, Wetumpka or Central, AL



“We enjoyed ourselves more than you could imagine. Everyone was talking about how they had learned things that they had never seen before.”Pastor / Lighthouse Baptist Church, Frederick or Central, MD 

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